For a lifetime of reliable service and top coffee, keeping your espresso machine well maintained is very important. If you need to schedule service or repair for your espresso machine in the southern California area, please contact us at [email protected] It is recommended that you have your machine serviced at 6 to 12-month intervals depending on your volume of coffee sales. Preventative maintenance service by a professional means you don’t end up out of action during your busy times faced with lengthy repairs. Please beware that your espresso machine must use filtered and softened water supplied exclusively for its use. Incorrect water supply will cause your warranty to be void on new and used equipment. Please see our Water Guide for espresso machines explaining the reason why you should use a filtration and softening system.

Daily Care of your machine

Flush the group before and after use.

Flush the steam wands on your machine.

Stainless steel can be cleaned with microfiber cloths and a little steam or with some diluted glass cleaner. Clean as required.

Learn how to backflush your machine and make sure you do it DAILY.

Back flushing is essential for your machine and the quality of your coffee.

At the end of your week, we recommend you run a water backflush, followed by a chemical backflush, and then a second water backflush.

During chemical backflush (1/4 teaspoon of backflush powder like Cafiza Cafetto Pulycafe), watch the color of the suds exiting from the 3-way valve. When said suds are clean the chemical phase can be stopped.

Please note traditional lever machines do not require backflush.

If your machine has a heat exchanger (HX) or a dual boiler, use the hot water from your machine daily. Heat a cup or make a cup of tea, as results of not doing so can lead to significant scale deposits.

Replace group seals and shower screens as required. In most cases, 12-months is a common interval to do so.

Contact us for these and other parts for your machine.

Be vigilant for any unusual behavior of your machine and arrange for service if you see anything uncommon.

Avoid descaling, it is a specialist job and is best avoided whenever possible in heat exchanger and dual boiler machines.

Service & Maintenance

We offer reasonable prices service for espresso machines in the UAE. We also can
be contacted for parts needed for your machine.

Routine Service Includes:

  • Disassembly, inspection and lubrication of group, wands, steam and hot water valves.
  • Replacement of worn components.
  • Descale (if required)
  • Electrical safety and pressure checks.
  • Repairs as required.
  • Deep cleaning of your machine.

Service Rates

We can provide a first look verbal estimate when you drop off your machine. A formal estimate will be provided once the machine is inspected and the problem (if any) is identified.  Please note, by authorizing a repair, you consent and agree to our repair conditions.

  • Repairs Warranty: 1-month parts and labor on replaced components. This warranty does not include consumables nor wear and tear components.
  • Collection of Repairs: We will contact you via text, phone call or email to advise when your machine is ready for collection.


Grinders require regular cleaning to operate correctly. Ideally this involves removal of the burrs and a thorough cleaning. This can be done at the time of a machine service. Keep the grinder hopper clean and wash it in warm water and dishwashing detergent every few days. Never put a grinder hopper in a dishwasher unless you want to purchase a new one, as they are delicate. Rice of any kind is not for grinder cleaning! Whilst it is safe to here